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by Leslie Drake in Abstract Musings

Hi everyone! I know I am very much behind on my blog posts but I’m looking forward to getting back on track this week. 
For now, however, I would like to announce I am now on Instagram. My son, Kane, and his super sweet girlfriend, Katie are running the show. They are both wonderfully artistic themselves and I am so excited to see all the cool ways they’ll photograph my art. And how cool is it that two teenagers would decide to spend their summer helping out their artist mom. So please check it out, follow the page, and show them some love. 🙂
Also, on a recent camping trip, I rediscovered my love of drawing. I’m working in oil pastels for the first time with a little colored pencil thrown in. I have about 10 drawings in the works and hope to post pics of them in the coming week. So stay tuned, lots to come!

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I’m already following you on Instagram and there the painting artwork you update is pretty speechless. I truly admire your amazing updates keep it up with your wonderful work. Do share latest paintings updates.

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