~Camera Woes~

by Leslie Drake in Abstract Musings
Hi all, hope everyone is staying warm and toasty during this very cold winter we’re having. I don’t have a piece to share today because I’m all out of decent photos of my work. I don’t take great photos and my not-so powerful camera doesn’t really help me out on that point. It’s strange that I can hold a paint brush with a steady hand but at least half of my photos come out blurry or crooked. My lighting skills suck as well, producing washed out colors, blues that appear green, greens that appear blue, the vibrancy of turquoise and purple simply vanish, and so on and so forth. I usually take photos outdoors but I’d like to try out a couple of daylight balanced bulbs with the white umbrellas photographers use so I can have a properly lit room to take photos during the winter months.
For now I rely on daylight and while it looks like we’re going to get some pretty nasty weather for the next 24 hours by Sunday the sun should reemerge for a bit. So I plan to break out my tripod and take some pictures on my front porch. If all goes well, I should have something new by Monday at the latest.
Until then, have a lovely weekend.


good work.
Hello Leslie! First of all a very happy weekend to you ahead. Although this week I am too much busy I always have time to connect with your page. Your work is inspiring as always.

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